I trusted him 99 percent but the 1 percent sucks

In that moment, i hated him. I looked at him with my eyes shooting death curses, red as hell. I could feel my throat clog, the warm, slightly digested lunch threatened to come out the same way, it got swallowed in.

I despised every word he spat. I thought and saw through every plan i came up with, not to end that wouldn’t be enough, but to torture. I sat across him, a few inches away. Yet he felt rather further.

I knew i couldn’t go with it. I couldn’t stomach that kind of guilt. I would hate myself. Yeah, that made me tremble. I loved him. And i knew he cared. Why else would he be here anyway?

All i needed to do was to understand! Understand! Just understand. But to a brain cell in my hard skull, those harmless words translated into ‘give up!’ and that, i couldn’t let happen. I trusted him ninety-nine percent. But that one percent sucks.

He looked up at me. Meeting my murderous gaze. ‘Don’t put me in a tight position.’ He smiled. Not the warm, welcoming smile, but the ‘I won.’ smile.

I let him take the win. For his overgrown heart. I let it slide. Yeah, we could say i am a little mature (not to self-praise) but as the clouds gather, the storms charge.
Β© feddiesharkhy

Published by feddiesharkhy

New age poet determined to bring out the art of poetry.

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