But my demons will tire me to sleep

Here I go again,
Blocking everyone out
Shutting everyone out
Putting out the camp fire
It’s time to sleep
It’s time for me to roam
In the jungle
All alone
I don’t mind
Not at all
Here I go again
Killing all I ever gave life to
All you bring is pain anyway,
Let me be
I just wanna play with my demons
I know I can’t hide
I can’t run either
They will always find.
All you bring is pain
Plus laughter
But I don’t need that
My demons will tire me
I will fall asleep anyway.
All you bring is pain anyway
And, last night was fun
But I will enjoy
Running from my demons
Or at least trying to.
Here I go again
Summoning all my legions
Summoning my servants
Summoning my masters
Here I go again shutting you out. © feddiesharkhy.#EXPLICIT

Published by feddiesharkhy

New age poet determined to bring out the art of poetry.

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